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ATartworks by Alain Tondowski

SHY, the storied women’s footwear brand founded in the early 2000s, re-launched its collection in 2014 thanks to its collaboration with the company Cdivertiamo s.r.l.

SHY has not renounced on the high quality it has always offered in the past. It continues to produce the entirety of its collection in Noventa Padovana, Italy, in the Riviera del Brenta’s renowned footwear district.

The collection draws inspiration from its collaboration with the film scenographer and photographer, Arvid Yuki. Hailing from Osaka, Yuki traveled the world, capturing the diverse facets of feminine sensuality through his photographs.

SHY is a footwear brand destined for women of strength, the sensual cosmopolitan warriors.

A complete contemporary brand, SHY proposes Fashion, Sneakers and Handbag lines.

Its strength lies in its quest for innovative, exclusive materials, as well as the development of new heels and soles, while never sacrificing comfort. The designs feature a touch of glamour and a distinctively rock spirit.