CDivertiamo srl is a new name in the world of footwear. The company is located on the Brenta Riviera near Venice, Italy, an area historically and internationally renowned for excellence in footwear, specialized in the production of shoes of supreme caliber. It has continuously served as the home base for a number of the world’s leading specialists in luxury footwear manufacturing.
CDivertiamo was primarily conceived and created to think outside the box and to develop new brands in the world of luxury footwear. CDivertiamo is thereby committed to promoting young talent in the field of footwear design and production.
One of our company’s primary challenges is to maintain the ability to produce our shoes entirely in Italy. We believe this to be essential to exporting a refined, thoroughly Italian product around the world that upholds the values of authenticity and craftsmanship.
CDivertiamo is guided by passion, courage and curiosity and is committed to continuous research into new materials and innovative solutions. These values represent our entire corporate culture.
Our mission is conveyed by our name, CDivertiamo, which translates to “We have fun.” It was conceived to express the way in which we pursue our business objectives: with passion, joy and personal development… All the while enjoying ourselves!

At CDivertiamo, building for the future implies working with ever increasing satisfaction and emotion to ensure that our customers identify with our product – a singular item with a strong identity, a true spirit and a fascinating story to tell.
And that is precisely why CDivertiamo has chosen to take on the production and global distribution of brands of the caliber of RAYNE

Our Brands